June 7 News Items

Florida Members to Support Arctic Mars Base Analog Team (Source: Mars Society)
The Mars Society has selected six crew members for a month-long Mars mission simulation on Devon Island in the Canadian arctic. This will be the twelfth crew to inhabit the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS), conducting a sustained program of field exploration while operating under Mars mission constraints. Joseph Palaia of the 4Frontiers Corp. in New Port Richey will serve as the team's executive officer and engineer. Jason Rhian of 4Frontiers will remain in Florida to provide "Earth-based" mission communications support. Visit http://www.fmars.org/ for information. (6/7)

Endeavour Ready for Florida Blast Off Jun. 13 (Source: Florida Today)
Endeavour and its seven astronauts are scheduled to launch at 7:17 a.m. on Wednesday, Jun. 13 on a mission to deliver the third and final section of the Japanese Kibo science research facility to the International Space Station. Florida's current rainy weather is expected to clear up on Wednesday. (6/6)

Florida Legislators to Discuss 2010 Space Plans (Source: NSCFL)
The National Space Club, Florida Committee, will host three Space Coast state lawmakers for a Jun. 9 luncheon panel discussion focused on "Space in the 2010 Legislative Session." The event will feature Senators Thad Altman and Mike Haridopolos, and Representative Steve Crisafulli. Visit www.nscfl.org for information. (6/6)

Effectiveness of Ares Abort System Called Into Doubt (Source: Florida Today)
NASA's Orion spaceship and the astronauts onboard might not survive an explosive launch failure of the agency's proposed Ares I moon rocket, analyses by Air Force safety experts show. But NASA says new supercomputer analyses will prove the Ares I launch abort system would do its job, propelling the Orion crew module and astronauts safely away from a dangerous maelstrom of fire and debris during an emergency. "We feel we have a very, very, very safe first stage. Very reliable," said Jeff Hanley, manager of NASA's Project Constellation.

The Air Force finding came as part of a "statement of capability" that gave the Ares I rocket a preliminary green light to fly from the Air Force Eastern Range, although additional reviews will continue for years. The Air Force's range provides tracking and safety services for all launches from the Cape Canaveral Spaceport. (6/7)

How Do You Greet an Extraterrestrial? (Source: LA Times)
The Bay Area-based SETI Institute, dedicated to the search for alien life, is asking space enthusiasts around the world to think about what we should say if we ever get a cosmic phone call. What's the proper conversation starter when greeting an alien? How about, "This is Earth speaking. We would like to know you. Please reply."

The SETI Institute, the world's best-known organization dedicated to the search for alien life, recently unveiled plans to scan a million stars over 10 billion communication channels at its Hat Creek radio telescope facility north of Sacramento. Now, the private Bay Area organization has launched a companion project called Earth Speaks that asks space enthusiasts around the world to think about what we should say when, or if, we finally get that cosmic phone call. (6/7)

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