August 8 News Items

NASA System Warns of Aircraft Turbulence Ahead (Source: NASA)
A new $2 million warning system funded by NASA could help pilots avert rough patches, easing passenger jitters and dodging the type of hard knocks that hit a Boeing 767 jet Monday and injured 28 people. Such "clear-air" turbulence lurks without clouds, any warning or a storm in sight. It can cause upheavals in flight attendants with the strongest of intestinal fortitudes and rattle even the grittiest of pilots, not to mention passengers. (8/8)

New Animation Shows Taurus-2 Mission to Space Station, Launching From Virginia (Source: Spaceports Blog)
The first Taurus-2 rocket, designed to commercially carry cargo to the International Space Station, will launch from the Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) at Virginia's Wallops Island in the spring of 2011. Click here to view a video animation of a Taurus-2 mission to the Space Station. (8/8)

Former E'Prime Chief Dodges Legal Bullet (Source: SPACErePORT)
A lawsuit claiming various mideeds and malfeasance by former E'Prime chief Bob Davis and his wife Betty (a corporate officer), both of Titusville, was thrown out by an Orlando judge. Control of E'Prime had been transferred to new majority shareholders in 2007, and the company continues its efforts to develop a commercial launch business with proposed family of Eagle launch vehicles based on Peacekeeper missile technology. (8/8)

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