December 14, 2013

Orbital's Cygnus Launch to the ISS Set No Earlier Than Dec. 19 (Source: SpaceRef)
Orbital Sciences' Cygnus operations team deferred loading the mission's final cargo into the spacecraft, postponing this operation by one day. Orbital will await NASA's direction for the final cargo load while the cooling loop issue aboard the Space Station is being investigated. If given the go-ahead to load the final, time sensitive cargo on  Dec. 15, roll out to the launch pad would occur on Dec. 17, with the launch on Dec. 19. (12/14)

Iran Sends 2nd Monkey Into Space (Source: Xinhua)
Iran on Saturday "successfully" sent a second live monkey into space, state TV reported. Iran sent the monkey, "Fargam," by the rocket "Research," which uses liquid fuel for the first time. The rocket travelled for some distance at the sub-orbit height of 120 km and returned to the earth after 15 minutes, the official IRNA news agency reported, adding that the shipment was retrieved intact.

During the travel of rocket, the Iranian space scientists could monitor and record the vital signs of the monkey through the milieu indicators inside the bio-carrier containing the animal, according to IRNA. The information collected by the launch of the rocket will help the Iranian scientists to conduct researches in different fields, including bio-space, physiology, aerospace and medical engineering, said the report. (12/14)

Chinese Probe Lands on the Moon as Space Program Gathers Pace (Source: Telegraph)
China became the first country to “soft-land” on the Moon in nearly four decades on Saturday, taking the Asian super-power one step closer to putting a man on the lunar surface. The unmanned Chang'e-3 spacecraft successfully landed at just before 9.15pm Beijing time, according to Chinese state media.

“It landed on the Moon,” state media announced in a live broadcast on Saturday night. "Chang'e has landed."
Television footage showed dozens of jubilant white-coated technicians and scientists at the Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Centre reacting to the news by clapping and embracing each other. Experts said the landing represented a giant leap in Beijing’s push to send astronauts to the Moon. (12/14)

Editorial: Florida Must Stay in Commercial Space Game (Source: Bradenton Herald)
The United States used to own the multibillion-dollar global market for commercial space launches. It has lost the business to Europe, Russia and China. Brazil and India are now emerging as new competitors. SpaceX has signed a contract with NASA for a dozen missions to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, and launched two so far from the Cape. The company hopes to transport astronauts to the station on its rockets in a few years.

But amid an increasingly tight federal budget and an unsteady commitment to space in Washington, D.C., SpaceX is smart to court other customers besides Uncle Sam. Florida would be, too. Florida's economy would get a much-needed boost from securing a share of the lucrative private market for space launches. That would be especially welcome on the Space Coast, still recovering from the end of the shuttle program in 2011. But Florida faces new competition from other states, and from Puerto Rico.

The Sunshine State has served as America's spaceport for decades; it has the infrastructure, work force and supply chain to support it. But companies that launch from the Cape Canaveral Spaceport must contend with government restrictions on security and scheduling. That diminished flexibility can cost time and money, and make the state less competitive. Click here. (12/14)

SpaceX Launches Second Lobbying Team (Source: Roll Call)
After 12 launches, and 50 on its manifest, the world’s fastest growing launch services provider has launched a second team of lobbyists to orbit Congress and the federal government. SpaceX, a private space transport company that manufacturers and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft, has hired the Nickles Group LLC to lobby on general issues related to aerospace, budget, intellectual property, defense, labor, science/technology and tax.

SpaceX already uses Patton Boggs LLP for lobbying the federal government. They reported paying Patton Boggs $90,000 in the third quarter of 2013. View multi-year lobbying profile. Patton Boggs lobbies on FY 2014 Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations; NASA re-authorization; NASA COTS and commercial crew programs; FAA indemnification; and space launch regulatory issues. (12/14)

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