May 7, 2015

Russian Telescope Captures Burning Up Progress Spacecraft (Source: Space Daily)
Russian astronomers have captured a video of what is apparently the falling Progress spacecraft three days before it is scheduled to burn up. The falling Progress spacecraft has been reportedly captured reentering the atmosphere by Russia's MASTER telescope over South Africa.

Russian and American space and defense officials previously said that the craft, which failed to reach the ISS, would reenter the atmosphere on Friday. The footage, which matches the location where the craft reportedly passed suggests that it has already reentered the atmosphere earlier than anticipated. (5/7)

Northrop Reportedly Got $45M From US To End Satellite Beef (Source: Law360)
Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. reportedly received $45 million from the U.S. government last year to settle claims that NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration misappropriated trade secrets in a polar-orbiting environmental satellite program. (5/6)

Dragon Abort Test Succeeded, But Wasn't Perfect (Source: Space News)
Wednesday morning's Dragon pad abort test at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport was designed to demonstrate the ability of the Dragon to escape its launch vehicle in an emergency. The flight was several seconds shorter than planned, and the capsule did not fly as high or as far as previously planned; SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the mixture ratio in one of the thrusters was "slightly off." SpaceX plans to follow up this test with an in-flight abort test, tentatively scheduled for this fall. (5/6)

Inmarsat Launch Delayed (Source: Space News)
Launch delay ripple effects have pushed back the launch of Inmarsat's third Global Xpress satellite until June. Inmarsat said the launch of that satellite on a Proton, previously scheduled for May, is now expected in early June because the Proton launch of Mexico's Centenario satellite has been delayed from late April to May. The launch delay would push back the beginning of commercial services of the Global Xpress system to August or September. (5/6)

Exelis Reports Increased Revenue, Income (Source: Business Wire)
Exelis reported an increase in revenue and net income for the first quarter of 2015 Wednesday. The company reported net income of $59 million on $785 million in total revenue, up from $52 million in net income on $748 million in revenue a year ago. (5/6)

Boeing Seeks $350 Million Judgement Against Sea Launch Partners (Source: Law360)
Boeing is seeking a judgment on a $350 million lawsuit it filed against its partners in the Sea Launch venture. Boeing filed a motion in federal court this week seeking a summary judgment against Ukraine's KB Yuzhnoye and PO Yuzhnoye and Russia's RSC Energia, arguing the companies had "utterly failed" to dispute Boeing's claims. Boeing filed suit in 2013, seeking money it said it was owed by its partners when Sea Launch went into bankruptcy reorganization in 2009. (5/6)

Progress Re-Entry Predictions Suggest Friday/Saturday Fall to Earth (Source: SpaceFlight Now)
Roscosmos predicted re-entry to occur in a nearly 21-hour window centered on 0839 GMT (4:39 a.m. EDT) Friday. The website, which uses U.S. military tracking data, gave a re-entry prediction of some time Thursday or Friday. Another projection issued by the Aerospace Corp. on Tuesday indicated the Progress spacecraft would likely re-enter in a 36-hour period Friday or Saturday. (5/6)

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