October 5, 2015

'The Martian' Just Scratches Surface of Danger on Mars (Source: USA Today)
The perils in the movie are just a taste of the challenges that Mars will throw at humans who try to keep themselves alive on the surface. Some of the dangers brushed off in the movie could ensure that "The Martian" remains solidly in the camp of science fiction for a long time to come. Among the possible hazards: dust, perchlorate, radiation, and reduced gravity. Click here. (10/2)

How Sputnik Sparked a Revolution for Space Travel as We Know It (Source: Business Insider)
Exactly 58 years ago, the former Soviet Union shocked the world by launching the first artificial satellite into Earth orbit. Awe-struck American officials listened in fear as Sputnik barreled through space at 18,000 mph while transmitting beeping signals, which were broadcast on radios across the globe. Click here. (10/2)

This NASA Robot Can Drive ‘Upside Down’ Under Ice (Source: Business Insider)
Scientists from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory designed a rover robot that might one day explore the oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa. BLUIE explored methane seeps while "driving" under ice on frozen lakes within the Arctic region of Alaska. Click here. (10/2)

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