October 31, 2016

Trump Takes Aim at NASA's Climate Budget (Source: The Hill)
Republicans aiming to cut NASA’s climate change research budget picked up an important new ally this week — presidential nominee Donald Trump. In a Wednesday speech in Florida, Trump slammed the Obama administration for “undermining our space program." “I will refocus its mission on space exploration," he vowed. "Under a Trump administration, Florida and America, will lead the way into the stars."

Trump's remarks are in line with many congressional Republicans who have vowed to prioritize space exploration. The promise to boost exploration funding was likely welcome news for those who see America leading the world in space missions, including a high-profile effort to send astronauts to Mars within decades.

But the remarks are also raising alarm among many who fear the GOP plans are a cover for slashing NASA's significant budget for climate research. NASA’s earth science work, something it’s undertaken since the 1970s, includes a focus on climate change research, making NASA the only federal agency able to study the impacts of a warming Earth from orbit. (10/30)

Boeing CEO's Goals Don't Stop at Interplanetary Travel (Source: Crain's)
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg made news this month when he vowed to beat high-tech polymath Elon Musk to Mars. Less stirring but equally ambitious and potentially more important is his earthly goal of doubling Boeing's profitability in four years. Unimpressive in many industries, Muilenburg's target qualifies as revolutionary for a major commercial jet maker. Boeing's margins have hovered around 8 percent for years, a couple of percentage points better than archrival Airbus, although the European manufacturer is considered more efficient by some measures. (10/30)

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